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Bartington Fluxgate

To achieve quality compensation New-Sense Geophysics uses the Bartington Mag-03 Sensor. This three-axis fluxgate magnetometer contains three sensors, in an orthogonal (x,y,z) arrangement. These compact, high performance fluxgate magnetometers with integral electronics provide reliable precision measurements of static and non-static magnetic fields with scale ranges from +/- 70 to +/- 1000uT.

New-Sense mounts the fluxgate magnetometer with the tail or helicopter stinger relatively close the main magnetometer. This ensures the relative motion and the strength of the aircraft’s changing magnetic field are captured for accurate FOM compensation.

Compensation of our Fixed-wing and Helicopter systems is provided using post flight compensation. Our algorithm uses an 18 term solution yielding robust reliable results. Typical fixed wing tail compensation results in FOM values between 0.75 nT and 1.5 nT. Helicopter stinger FOM results typically vary between 1.5 to 2.5 nT. The range of these values are dependent on specific aircraft and its configuration, as well as the survey’s magnetic latitude. Our compensation delivers low maneuver noise data comparable or better than any other system in use in the industry today, resulting in the highest quality final magnetic data.