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Data Acquisition System (IDAS)

New-Sense Geophysics builds and maintains its own proprietary data acquisition systems known as iDAS. The iDAS system features the KroumVS Instruments KMAG4 magnetometer counter and the KANA8 analog to digital converter. The systems are built with a wide range voltage input (9v to 36v) to accommodate a variety of aircraft power supplies.

The iDAS system has been designed to be extensible and expandable, so that it can manage and operate a large variety of sensor equipment, as well addional iDAS units. The system also accomodates easy computer board upgrades for more robust/powerful future systems as newer/faster computers are developed.

The iDAS system uses sophisticated software (iNAV) to provide an autonomous “Operatorless” system resulting in a safer survey environment by removing the need to have an operator on board the aircraft.

The New-Sense iNAV V3 geophysical flight controller is the heart of the airborne system and is specifically designed to overcome inadequacies of commercial systems. First and foremost it is a simple to use and an efficient navigation control that allows the pilot to monitor their flight line progress and performance, change lines effortlessly, and re-fly lines as needed, without compromising their control or taking attention away from the aircraft.

Secondly, the iNAV monitors the raw magnetometer, spectrometer, altimeter, and GPS equipment performance, and records the incoming data. Input from the various sensors are continuously monitored every 0.005 seconds for the precise coordination of geophysical and positional measurements. All input data is typically collected at 10 Hz but can be run at 50 Hz as well.

GPS positional coordinates and terrain clearance are presented to the pilot by means of a Pilot Indicator and/or touch screen displays. The magnetometer response, 4th difference, and altimeter profile are also clearly visible, and available on the touch screen display for real-time monitoring of equipment performance if needed by an operator.