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Flight Following

New-Sense places the highest priority to safety and uses satellite tracking and communication technology to monitor all its survey flights. The aircrafts are equipped with the Latitude Technologies Skynode S200 system that includes satellite phone, flight tracking, and messaging transceiver. This system uses the Iridium satellite network, which provides both voice and data communications between the aircraft and ground stations. Click here for more details on Latitude Technologies Skynode S200.

The S200 system updates its position every 2 minutes allowing New-Sense to monitor the progress and security of the survey flights in real time.

New-Sense provides all of its clients with a secure account to the tracking system which allows each client to monitor and follow their surveys flight activities in real time.

New-Sense has also tied the satellite phone communication system into the pilot’s headset allowing for hands free operation and seamless communication with the pilot and the field crew/main office. Remote communication and debugging capabilities means less down time and more efficient survey flights.

In the unlikely event of an emergency, the pilot may press a “panic button”, which will cause the system to immediately transmit the status, location, and heading of the aircraft at least every 7 seconds. Field and office personnel following the flight are immediately notified of the situation, and can call the aircraft to obtain more details. The system will continue to transmit at this increased rate, and emergency status, until the emergency system is turned off by the pilot.