Gravimeter GT-2A

New-Sense Geophysics Ltd. provides gravity surveys using the GT-2A Airborne Gravimeter.  The GT-2A brings proven design and fully automatic operation to mobile scalar gravity measurement, and provides the following benefits:

  • high sensitivity
  • wide dynamic range
  • precise measurements
  • reliable performance in high turbulence
  • high productivity
  • allows loose drape flights
  • aircraft-independent operations
  • fully automated recording
  • in-field quality control
  • in-field production of preliminary free-air gravity maps

The very large dynamic range provides high precision data even in turbulent flying conditions; data is acquired through short periods of saturation in extreme turbulence by the automatic application of a reduced order Kalman filter, enabling platform misalignment to be computed and hence controlled; the automatic calibration program computes accelerometer scale factors and errors in perpendicularity between the accelerometer sensitive axis and the platform surface.

The GT-2A is hermetically sealed for protection when operating in environmental extremes. Short lead-ins improve survey efficiency and reduce costs. Filters depend on aircraft speed and flight conditions and provide spatial resolution typically ranging from 1.2 to 3.5 km.  For further details on this sensor, please click here.