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Helicopter Platforms

For helicoter surveys New-Sense Geophysics employs their own, newly designed, low noise stinger system. The stinger systems offers a safer survey environment by eliminating the need to tow a traditional “bird system”.

Data is magnetically compensated and typical FOM (“Figure of Merit”) values for the system are under 1.5 nT for the Bell 206, 2.5 nT for the Astar 350B3, delivering high quality data from a safer platform.

The stinger has been certified (STC) for installation on a large list of helicopter platforms:

Bell 206B “Jet Ranger”

  • Bell 206B1
  • Bell 206B3

Bell 206L “Long Ranger”

  • Bell 206L-1
  • Bell 206L-3
  • Bell 206L-4

Eurocopter Astar 350B

  • AS 350B1
  • AS 350B2
  • AS 350B3
  • AS 350BA
  • AS 350D
  • AS 350D1

Eurocopter/Aerospatiale SA-315 “LAMA”

  • SA-315B
  • Robinson R44
  • Clipper I
  • Clipper II
  • Raven I
  • Raven II