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Pilot Navigation

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New-Sense Geophysics has designed a pilot friendly navigational display and controls (iNAV) for its survey projects. The application runs on any JAVA enabled device. This allows the app to be run on tablets, laptops, smartphones or NSG’s touch screen LCD. The variety of options ensure that the system can be mounted on the aircrafts front panel in all types of service aircraft. The clear and simple interface runs with zero to minimal input required, allowing the pilot to keep their attention focussed on operating the aircraft safely and accurately flying the line path.

The system does allow for multiple interfaces to be loaded at the same time, both locally and remotely. This allows for multiple users access the system concurrently which can facilitate training, security, and faster and more efficient troubleshooting. The system also integrates a built-in training environment, which allows less experienced survey pilots to fly a virtual survey using the the real world parameters (locaiton, weather, terrain map, etc…) prior to flying the real thing. This means that when the real survey work begins, costly flight time mistakes are kept to a minimum and the pilots can put their focus on operating the aircraft safely.