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RS-500 Spectrometer

New-Sense Geophysics uses Radiation Solution’s RS-500 digital airborne gamma-ray spectrometer exclusively. The RS-500 is a fully integrated system that includes an individual Advanced Digital Spectrometer (ADS) for each crystal within the detector box. The 1024 channel gamma spectrometer is in the RSX-5 (16L with 4L up detectors) 5 crystal configuration.

This system is designed for the detection and measurement of low-level radiation. When flying remote areas, in extreme weather conditions, and with a limited flight budget, it is important to know you have the technology needed to gather high quality radiometric survey data accurately the first time. The RS-500’s advanced technology and software techniques provide laboratory levels of spectral data performance that were previously unachievable on airborne platforms.

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New-Sense uses the RS-500 spectrometer on its helicopter and fixed-wing platforms. To ensure reliability and consistency, all spectrometers are checked, and logs generated before each flight and daily. The calibration logs are always available and presented to the client.