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Scintrex CS-3

New-Sense Geophysics only uses the Scintrex CS-3 Magnetometer sensor for its airborne magnetic data acquisition. The CS-3 offers the highest sensitivity and lowest noise of any Cesium magnetometer on the market. The magnetometer has a sensitivity of better than 0.01 nT at a sampling interval of 0.1 second and has the capability to measure ambient magnetic fields in the range of about 15,000 to more than 105,000 nT. With automatic hemisphere switching and a wide input voltage range. In addition to having the maximum active zone and minimum dead zones, it also maintains the smallest heading errors, resulting the highest quality magnetic data collected.

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The CS-3 magnetometer sensors are mounted within the heads of the helicopter and fixed wing tail stingers, as well as in wing-tip pods mounts for gradiometric work. The orientation of each sensor is adjustable, to provide optimum coupling with the earth’s field on reciprocal headings.