New-Sense places the highest priority to safety on all of its airborne surveys and projects. We are dedicated to continually improving our project’s safety through innovative new technologies and techniques.

New-Sense is an active and contributing member of the International Airborne Geophysics Safety Association (IAGSA). As well as being a member of IAGSA, New-Sense has developed our own job safety procedures, which are customized for each project to exceed the industry standards and ensure smooth, continuous, and safe operations in the field.

At New-Sense, we emphasize an open safety plan that allows for inputs and redevelopment of procedures from any and all members of the survey team. Before any survey flights all plans/procedures have been completed, reviewed by all project members, and changes discussed and made. If safety concerns arise during any stage of a project, plans are reworked and re-reviewed by all members before operation continues.

Through its continual vigilance, staff training, and strict adherence to procedures and documentation, New-Sense has an accident record. To this date just under one million line kilometers of magnetic and/or radiometric survey have been completed without accident. In addition, High-Sense Geophysics (under Ted Urquhart), had an accident-free history; performing surveys without accident in difficult areas including Vietnam, China, Mongolia, Mauritania, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Brazil, and Sudan.