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Health and Safety Policy

New-Sense Geophysics believes that the prevention of any work related illness or injury to its staff and contractors, is critical to the company’s success as a leading provider of airborne geophysical services.

We are committed to providing a safe, healthy working environment for all personnel and contractors operating at our offices and work sites by having a robust Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) management system that is supported by policies, procedures and standards that meet or exceed all legal requirements.

In meeting or exceeding all applicable legal requirements our policies, procedures and standards will reflect the intent as well as the substance of the various Occupational Health and Safety, Aviation and other Acts, under which the Company operates.


In implementing this OHS Policy throughout the Company, we are committed to achieve the following:

  • Recognition as a leader in occupational safety and health management in the airborne geophysical services industry
  • Occupational safety and health matters being given equal status with other primary business objectives, by Board members, managers and employees at all levels
  • Provide support at all levels of the business to promote compliance with safety requirements
  • Ensuring that Company managers, employees and contractors are adequately trained and competent to carry out their work requirements, identify, report and manage associated safety and health risks
  • Ensuring that Company managers, employees and contractors understand and comply with all legislation to ensure that the Company, and individuals, meet all legal responsibilities
  • Actively support and participate in activities with bodies working to improve safety standards within the Airborne Geophysical Services industry

Key Strategies

We will build success in achieving our objectives, based on the following Company-wide strategies:

  • Working with customers, and contractors, to ensure that the Company’s OHS Policy, procedures and standards are maintained
  • Use existing national and international standards as a basis of safety related decision making and development of company standards
  • Having established and enforced standards and procedures necessary in all business practices to reduce as far as reasonably practicable exposures of individuals or the Company to hazards and risk
  • Working co-operatively between Divisions to ensure common standards and effective transfer of safety information
  • Promoting OHS strategies, plans and procedures as integral to “the way we do business”
  • Conducting scheduled audits of essential elements of OHS directly involving our employees, customers and contractors
  • Developing a culture of continually improving the management of OHS
  • Empowering any employee to suspend work at any time until work can proceed without compromising the Safety & Health of any person affected by our activities
  • Encouraging reporting of all accidents, incidents and hazards by maintaining a “no blame culture” for those who report unplanned events
  • Participation in OHS programs and compliance with all policies and procedures by all employees and contractors.